Thank you Mint Hill for your support in the election.  I am truly honored and humbled and look forward to serving you in the next two years.

Change in Mint Hill

This is a statement that can be interpreted in many ways. It can be a mission statement for some groups and can be just an observation for others.

As a resident of Mint Hill for 35 years, I can assure you change has and will continue to happen, in Mint Hill. Our primary concern in this year’s mayoral race should be how we, as a town, respond and who we select to lead the way.

Many issues have already been raised. Several of those concerns include zoning, parks, town amenities, and traffic. Mint Hill will need a mayor who has shown leadership and been involved in service to the Mint Hill community; a mayor who is responsive to the citizens of Mint Hill; a mayor with a vision for the future. Mint Hill needs a mayor to be the citizens’ voice when working collaboratively with local and state agencies.

I believe my prior experience, paired with a record of effective leadership, makes me the most qualified candidate. I am running for mayor of Mint Hill to be that responsive voice for our community.